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The Benefit of Using a ‘Full Service’ Marketing Agency

You are running a moderately successful small or medium business but know that you could do better, however you are unsure what to do to develop your business. There are many things you can do, probably the best is to review your marketing and sales strategy with a view to develop new business.

As soon as you start to look at marketing your organisation,  you will be bombarded with various things you can do and organisations who will do them for you. From developing a marketing strategy, building a strong brand, developing a powerful on-line presence and generating leads to support new business.

The simplest and most effective thing you can do is to use a full service agency to provide you with a seamless marketing, sales and on-line presence.

What is a full service marketing agency?

As the name suggests, a full service agency can provide every element of your marketing, sales and on-line functions within a single organisation.

The benefits of using a single agency

The most obvious benefit is that, by using a single marketing and on-line agency you have a single point of contact for your marketing and sales operation and that each element works seamlessly together. You can save yourself the hassle of trying to communicate and share ideas and concepts between agencies, instead you can have a single team providing a holistic approach to all your marketing and sales activities.

You can be confident that you will have full control over all aspects of your marketing operation and don’t have to spend your time project managing multiple suppliers.

What to look for in a great full service marketing agency

There are many providers who will tell you that they can provide the level of service you require, before you select any agency you need to answer the following questions:

  • Do they understand my business? – you need to be sure that the agency will take the time to work with you to fully understand your organisation and what you require from a marketing project.
  • Do they have relevantly qualified colleagues? – what experience does the agency have and will you have a project manager who will act as your single point of contact and who has the experience to offer sensible advice and to maintain the project on track.
  • Do you like what they have done for other clients? – each client will have different objectives, but you should see that the quality of their creative work is excellent also that they have been able to demonstrate an uplift against the set objectives for a project. Ask to see content from other projects and to speak to current clients. Don’t consider an agency if you are not happy with the quality of the portfolio.
  • Are they willing to offer you a report showing what they could do for your organisation? – following initial discussions you should ask for a report detailing what the agency can do for your organisation.
  • Finally, can you work with them? – is this an organisation you feel you could work with? It is important as this is likely to be an important and likely long term decision, you need to be sure you gel with the team and that you can work effectively with them. As the question, if this was a job interview, would you hire them?

Introducing The Giant Brand

The Giant Brand is a full service marketing and on-line company covering Bristol, Bath and Somerset. We have highly experienced teams of experts who can advise and develop your marketing strategy, professional design and branding specialists who can create powerful branding and on-line experts who can develop state of the art on-line content, e Commerce and professional web development. We can support this with search engine optimisation ensuring that you maintain the best search engine rankings for your website. We cover  Bristol, Bath and Somerset, we are local to you and can provide you with a friendly and professional service allowing you to keep your site performing effectively.

Our consultants will work with you to understand and develop your marketing, website and branding, creating highly effective content with powerful keywords, we can then maintain your web presence delivering you a monthly report detailing your sites performance.

How do we work?

As the leading full service marketing company covering the South West, including Bristol and Bath, you can be reassured your on-line presence is in good hands. We will take the time to understand your organisation and its requirements, reviewing your current web presence and giving sound advice on how you can improve the content to maximise your search engine listings.

We are small enough to provide a highly personal service which you will not find within a larger agency, however we are large enough to deliver and you can trust the experience of our specialists, we have over twenty years of experience in delivering excellence in on-line content.

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